[How to eat glutinous and nutritious]_Baby_How to eat

[How to eat glutinous and nutritious]_Baby_How to eat

As the baby grows to six months, it will start to add complementary foods. The first part of the corrosion is to eat paste. The first bowl of paste that many adults give to their babies is rice soup. I think rice soup is easier to absorb. In fact, pure rice soup nutrition.The value is not enough. It can be combined with some other auxiliary materials. It must not only ensure the nutrition required for the baby’s growth, but also adapt to the baby’s stomach. It can make the baby’s body better and maximize its absorption. How can the baby eat paste with nutrition?

In the supplementary food supplement stage, especially in the early stage, the digestive ability of the stomach is still weak, so it should be mainly warm food, which is not easy to sensitize. In addition, the baby’s teeth have not sprouted, and the supplementary food should not appear too much granular.Otherwise it will affect the swallowing and digestion, and may even be choked.

Looking at it this way, rice noodles are indeed the most suitable complementary food, but the cereals that can be made into rice noodles are not just rice. Many people also like to use millet to make porridge for babies to eat. In some cases, as a person who grew up in the north,In other words, the love of Xiaomi has become a habit.

In fact, millet and rice have their own nutritional value. Rice is the safest food for babies. Rice is sweet and flat, has the effect of nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, relieving annoyance and thirst; andXiaomi is more suitable for warming the stomach, has a sweet and salty nature, has the effects of nourishing kidney qi, and clearing deficiency heat. It is said that the deposited fiber, iron content and vitamin B1 content are higher.

The suggestion is to feed the baby in two rotations to ensure better nutrition.

But recently I heard that germ-free rice has the highest nutritional value, that is, cereals that retain the original germ, rice, millet and corn can actually be preserved to eat, but generally we buy rice in supermarketsMany have gone to the germ, and their nutritional value has been greatly reduced.

Cereals contain protein, vitamins, minerals, and other special nutrients such as tryptophan contained in millet, most of which are in the germ, about 80%.See, eating rice flour made from germ-free rice is more effective in ensuring nutrition.

Dabao from my family has been eating Yiwei’s rice noodles since childhood, and the nutritional value is also very good, because Yiwei will add some additional nutrients to the rice noodles, and the impression of Yiwei has always been good. Now they are eating their noodles.

I am going to buy this original embryo millet rice powder for two treasures that have just been 6 months old, and I am willing to post to share with you, I hope more mothers know the nutritional value of the original embryo millet, so that the baby will get more richnutrition.