[Each pair of men and women must seize this golden 5 seconds]

[Each pair of men and women must seize this “golden 5 seconds”]

The physiological structure of men and women is different, and the fullness of foreplay during sex foreplay may cause a time gap between men and women when they reach orgasm.

The orgasm of a man is only 5 seconds, and it can even be.

If you can grasp this moment, you will enjoy the wonderful feeling.

1. Taking into account his rhythm: throughout the sex process, the rhythm of pleasure, especially the feeling of orgasm, is like being covered with water and difficult to control, and it is controlled involuntarily, and at that time it can be said that it is almost the same as the generation.Feel the physiological separation, the taste of orgasm is more wonderful.

So you can take care of his rhythm as much as possible while satisfying yourself, that is, if he is too fast, you can slow down to extend the arrival time.

That is, gently touch him, and move slowly, if you are almost the same, when his reaction begins to give you the feeling of “arrived”, you can use words or actions to help him and you reach orgasm.