X-ray protective clothing for pregnant women

X-ray protective clothing for pregnant women

I use a computer for about two hours every day at work, and I want to buy a radiation protection suit.

Which brand of radiation protection clothing is better, where is it sold (Chengdu), and what is the price?

Thank you!

  Answer: Barefoot doctor grade: Scholar December 16, 2006 Anti-radiation maternity clothing is questioned. Experts say that pregnant women who block computer radiation can wear radiation protection.

Two test methods recommended by experts: mobile phones can detect ultra-high electromagnetic waves. Radio can measure short and medium waves. In modern society, the use of mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances has been increasing. At the same time, it has brought convenience to people. At the same time, experts have begun to be wary of their radiation.Harm to the body.

Too many expectant mothers wear radiation-resistant maternity clothing from the beginning of pregnancy to protect the baby in the abdomen.

But how strong are these maternity suits against radiation?

  After consulting the experts, the reporter conducted experiments in two ways. Each experiment was tested with two pregnant women’s clothing produced by two manufacturers.

  In the future, this edition will continue to develop a “lab” column, using the test methods that are feasible in life, to do some small experiments to help everyone test something.

  Laboratory experiment 1 tests whether the radiation protection clothing is blocking the computer radiation. The clothes are covering the radio. Results: The two-channel broadcast is still normal. Experts recommend the method: The relevant experts of the city fiber inspection institute told reporters that computer radiation basically belongs to the medium-wave radiation scale.You can try using the radio.

Turn the two sides of the radio to the middle or short wave, wrap the radio in the pregnant woman’s radiation protective clothing, and see if you can still listen normally.

If you hear the interference normally, it means that it has a certain anti-radiation effect.

  Test method: According to the method that the experts said, the reporter adjusted the radio to AM (medium wave), and FM (short wave) changed the volume to medium.

Covered with a pregnant woman’s radiation protection suit.

Test results: In a noisy environment, both of the radios listened very clearly.

  Experiment 2 tested whether the radiation protective clothing can block ultra-high electromagnetic waves and wrap the mobile phone with clothes. Result: Although it can get through, the signal is reduced by six grids. Recommended method of experts: Professor Zhu Changshou caused by radiation protection and nuclear safety medicine of China CDC told reportersThe mobile phone is a medium-frequency long wave. If this radiation protection suit can shield the mobile phone signal, it shows that it has some effect.

  Experts from the Beijing Fiber Inspection Institute said that mobile phones are located at 900 MHz and belong to ultra-high electromagnetic waves.

Test method: Wrap the mobile phone with a double layer of radiation-proof clothing, and dial the mobile phone with a fixed phone.

Test results: Two pregnant women’s anti-radiation test using this method, the phone will ring.

  However, when the mobile phone is taken out of the clothes, the mobile phone signal shows that there is only 1 cell left, and the full cell should be 7 cells.

It returns to normal after 3 seconds.

  Professor Zhu said that such an effect may indicate that the clothes can protect against local radiation.

  Experts remind pregnant women to stay away from microwave ovens. It is best to take X-ray films carefully. Experts from Beijing Fiber Inspection Institute believe that, like ordinary TV screens, LCD computer screens, etc., basically there will be no major injuries, but they must be kept away from microwave ovens because it depends on moistureThe principle of oscillation works, and it will harm soft tissues, so pregnant women are better not to get near the oven.

  Professor Zhu Changshou said that radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. The most common ionizing radiation is the X-rays used in the photos of the hospital. Therefore, the hospital will attach radiation protection materials to the walls of the radiology department.

Non-ionizing radiation is less harmful to the human body than ionizing radiation. Household appliances and mobile phones are all sources of radiation.

  However, Professor Zhu added that in order to make the earphones clearer, mobile phone handsets were equipped with booster devices to enhance radiation, and close to the head, which may affect the brain and eyes.

  In fact, the things that emit light and heat in our lives will produce different levels of radiation, and these radiations are also continuous.

  In addition, the degree of damage caused by radiation varies according to the individual’s constitution.

The effectiveness of radiation protective clothing for pregnant women is clinically controversial.

  Relevant statement ■ There is a metal mesh inside the manufacturer’s clothing to adjust the protective effect. On the principle of radiation protection clothing, the reporter interviewed Ms. Feng from a radiation protection clothing company. She introduced that the production of pregnant women’s radiation protection clothing is made of metal fiber and fabric together into a cloth, Made into clothes.

Metal mesh can be compressed and absorbed, shielding the role of electromagnetic waves.

Of course, the denser the metal mesh, the better the effect.

  Regarding the test method, the company’s Ms. Feng said: It is difficult to say what people have in their lives that they can test by themselves.

I have heard of the mobile phone test method, maybe there is a certain principle.

  ■ Expert standards for pregnant women’s radiation protection clothing have not yet been established. From reporters learned from Beijing Fiber Inspection Institute, at present, there is no standard for pregnant women’s radiation protection clothing.

According to the experts from the Municipal Fiber Inspection Institute, many manufacturers now produce pregnant women’s anti-computer radiation clothing, but it is still unclear whether it can achieve the protective shielding effect promised to consumers on the product label.

  At present, clothing such as pregnant women’s computer protective clothing is mostly sandwiched with metal wires, and most of them are used for general electromagnetic wave protection.

However, because there is no clear standard, it is difficult to detect the length of multiple protections.   Related Links Pregnant women may cause hearing loss if they regularly use computers. An analysis of risk factors for hearing impairment in children aged 0 to 6 years showed that mothers using computers during pregnancy increased the risk of hearing impairment in children84.

431 times, ranking first in various factors that cause hearing impairment in children.

  As a result, mothers are severely stimulated during pregnancy, and drinkers and children are at increased risk of hearing impairment56.

838 and 47.

927 times